Chiropractic Humor

OK this is just going to be a random collection of all the chiropractic jokes, humorous videos, and comics I can find. If you find another please comment, and leave either contact info, or the location of the content you want here. I will give credit to sources as none of this comedy is mine, I just enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it also.

Here’s a great one discussing some common misconceptions about chiropractic:

Who’s Line Is It Anyway.  Comedians Sing of Chiropractic

M.A.S.H. Has Three Episodes That I Have Found With Individuals Performing Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractic), Even Alan Alda.




Most of you have already seen the classic Simpson’s Chiropractic Episode, but here are some clips from that one:

Here’s a bunch of comics I found at

Here’s a couple of jokes I’ve found:


24 thoughts on “Chiropractic Humor

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  4. Stefaan Vossen

    Actually, I find these rather disrespectful to our profession. People already poke fun at us and this make matters worse.

    It’s only the beginning,

    Dr Stefaan Vossen

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      Thanks for your comment. People poke fun at every profession. The only time it matters is if you can’t do it yourself. Look at lawyer jokes. For every joke I’ve heard about chiropractors, and I go searching them out, I have a hundred patients who are willing to go to bat for me. Honestly, it’s a nice way to break the ice sometimes.

  5. martin zahl

    very funny! If you’re worried about people thinking bad about us you need to readjust your thinking don’t take it so seriously laugh a little

  6. Gene

    1. How many chiropractors does it take to change a light-bulb?
    1 but it talkes 47 visits.
    2. What is the purpose of the spine?
    Support. Support what? Support the Chiropractor.
    3. Why does Dolly Parton go to the chiropractor?
    Because in order to have a good front, she has to first have a good back.

  7. Kevin Doan, D.C.

    When jokes are said about us then we’ve arrived. Lawyers have them and meical doctors as well. They don’t complain cause even bad publicity is publicity. We need more. I love the site and thanks.

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