What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is someone who has earned a doctorate of chiropractic degree. To understand what that means, click here. A chiropractor is a physician who practices the healing arts without the use of prescription drugs or surgery (in some jurisdictions chiropractors can perform minor surgery and even have some prescription privileges). What that means is that chiropractors use natural and physical methods to help your body to heal it’s self.

The primary tool used by chiropractors, and the one most identified with chiropractic is the adjustment, manipulation, popping, cracking, or what ever you want to call it. To learn more about chiropractic adjustments and what they do click here. Chiropractors also use changes in your diet, exercise, posture and physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, laser, decompression, heat, and electric stimulation to help your body to heal.

Practicing healing without medication means that you cannot go to a chiropractor to get your insulin for your diabetes. That doesn’t mean that a chiropractor can’t treat you for diabetes. Chiropractors can treat people with diabetes with diet, exercise, and counseling. While these tools that a chiropractor uses will not cure diabetes or even reverse it for everyone, the vast majority of people will notice improvement in their symptoms and some studies have shown 10% or more people are able to stop their medication and are no longer classified as diabetic. This does not mean that you should stop taking your insulin right now and see your chiropractor, but by seeing your chiropractor you may be able to go back to your medical doctor and have them take you off of your prescriptions. Even if you don’t get to stop your insulin altogether you will still see improvements in your health and weight and be able to live your life more fully.

Diabetes is just one example of a condition that your chiropractor can help you with. While most people come to a chiropractor with low back pain or headaches, you can see improvement in your health with your chiropractor’s help no matter what condition or state your health is in. Even professional athletes who are in peak physical condition are able to see improvements in their performance and resilience through chiropractic care.  

A chiropractor is a doctor who is focused on improving your health no matter where you are on the spectrum of health right now. We can always be better than we are today.


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