New Media New Page

As video is fast becoming the norm for information distribution on the web, I have decided to add a new page to this blog.  You may or may not have already seen the chiropractic humor page, the conditions page (what does chiropractic treat), or some of my other pages.  Well there are a vast number of chiropractic videos showing up on YouTube, and though some are less well done, and some make me wonder where they found that announcer.  However they are a great source of information and I’d like to share some of them.  If you have found a good one to share let me know.  So check out the new Chiropractic Videos page of this blog.  (Thanks to Dr. Gray for inspiring this idea without even knowing it.)  Also you can keep an eye out for future video blog posts from me as I have decided to try my hand at a couple.


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