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Weight Loss and What Your Diet Can Do

Here’s the real secret to weight loss. (Within reason) all diets work! If you follow them strictly they will help you lose weight. That is because quite simply if your caloric intake is less than you burn you will lose weight. The problem is that they don’t work for so many people. Some of them are even dangerous.

There are many reasons that dieting doesn’t work. Some diets are unsustainable because of what they ask you to eat or not eat. Some require more prep time than you can fit in. Some are so packaged that the food they provide is not healthy. Some provide good food, but cost too much. Some are too hard for you to stick to. Some do help you lose weight, but damage your body in the process, so that you may weigh less, but you feel horrible.

The biggest reason that diets fail is because they are not lifestyle changes. Once you lose the weight you stop the diet and start behaving the same way you did before when you gained the weight. There are some programs (weight watchers, simple2lose, etc..) that do have support even after you reach your goal as well as throughout the process. But in order to be healthy you must act healthy. That doesn’t mean just after the Holidays, or for swimwear season. You must adopt a lifestyle that fits the level of health that you want.

Chiropractic care can be an ideal solution to your weight problem. Your chiropractor can help you to achieve and maintain your personal best level of health. With chiropractic care you get regular visits with your doctor who can answer questions, monitor your status and recommend changes. He can help you focus on your goals, and help you with setting realistic ones. He can provide you with education and support. Even if you choose to use a program outside of his office he can help you to achieve your best possible results. See your chiropractor about your weight loss and diet plans.


Radiation Good, Bad, Indifferent

I saw a blog on fellow chiropractors site that I follow, and thought I’d point you all to it, as he has a good point. I also wanted to add my two cents and discuss it a little.

X-rays, and the technology behind them have given great benefit to healthcare. The technology has come far enough that it is portable and very safe. According to the American College of Radiology, no single diagnostic x-ray has a radiation dose significant enough to cause adverse effects in a developing embryo or fetus. Even direct abdominal x-rays. (source) I found a study in school that showed that radiology techs have better health than average. I wish I could remember where I read it. That’s not necessarily due to the radiation, but it is an interesting association anyway.

As far as what is bad radiation, here is a great site with good info. To sum up from there:

“The average total dose rate for the USA is 360 mrem a year. It has been estimated that your chance of dying from cancer increases 10% if you accumulate a total of 250,000 mrem. This would be over 3,000 mrem a year over 80 years…[and]…the risks from low levels of radiation may be overstated.”

So, you would need to get 800-900 x-rays taken every year for 80 years to possibly increase your risk at most 10%. You get more radiation from your regular organic food each year than 8-10 x-rays.

Now I’m not advocating that we all go out and radiate ourselves, but I do think that our society had developed an irrational fear or radiation. What do you think?