The Best Way to Sleep

Many patients have pain in the morning after sleeping all night and feel that they should be feeling better after a night of rest. That is true you should feel better after a good nights sleep, but many people do not. Here are some possible reasons why you may wake up with more pain than when you went to bed.

Prone problemsIf you sleep on your stomach you actually increase pressure on the low back and rotate your neck all night long. Waking up with a sore neck or low back pain is common for stomach sleepers especially as you get older.


It is not easy to change the position you sleep in because even if you start in a good one your body usually moves to it’s default very quickly while you sleep. Because of this small subtle changes are usually more successful than drastic ones. If your are a stomach sleeper try raising the knee on the side that you turn your head to. That will help prop you up so there is less pressure on the low back and your head will not be rotated so much in comparison to the rest of your spine.

Sleeping on your side can cause rotation at both the shoulder and worse at the low back and SI joint. To solve that try putting a pillow between your knees and between your arms so that they are not rotating your torso as much.

Ideal Sleeping postureSleeping flat on your back can cause stress at the hip flexors and in turn pull on your low back. Try putting a pillow under your knees to reduce that strain.

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One thought on “The Best Way to Sleep

  1. Amy

    Thank you for your post! It’s amazing how sleep position can affect the range of motion in your neck! I recently obtained a chiropractic pillow from my local chiropractor and have trained my body to sleep on my back or side with it. I have been feeling so much better!


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