Tobacco and Your Weight


Many people won’t quit smoking because they’ve heard that they will get fat if they do. The truth behind this idea is that smoking does reduce your body weight mainly by increasing energy expended. It makes you hyper/shaky/nervous people who have developed the oral fixation often tend to replace their smoking habit by putting something else into their mouth.

If you are using tobacco and want to lose weight you still can. You can also quit while successfully losing weight. The point is that you don’t have to make tobacco use an excuse. We know that tobacco has an effect, but if you are quitting while also trying to lose weight, exercise can give you similar effects of tobacco use, without the down sides. It can be difficult but great to quit and lose weight at the same time. There is no right way to do it, and the best way to quit tobacco or lose weight is the way that works for you and does not damage your health. For some help in quitting tobacco check out these sites:

Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss links:



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