Computers Causing Back Pain

In our society today it is difficult to get away from computers.  You are reading this post on one right now, just as I sat at mine to type it.  Well I’m on here to tell you to get up stand up and do some jumping jacks.  Lie down on the floor and do some push-ups.  Finish those push-ups in yoga’s cobra posture.

Cobra Posture

Why?  Because our body is designed to move.  When we stop moving our body stops feeding our muscles bones and joints.  You only get nutrients where you need them.  Think of breaking a bone.  When you put your arm in a cast it doesn’t come out happy and able to move just like it was before.  It hasn’t been used in weeks and so it is prone to injury and the muscle has atrophied.  Sometimes you even have to go through long term rehab to get your body back to the way it was before you stopped using it.  That isn’t because of the broken bone.  It’s because of a lack of use.

Computers have made things easy for us.  The vast majority of jobs now require people to sit at their desk for many hours a day, and we check our Facebook account on our phone waiting in line or sometimes while driving.  When we get home we relax by watching TV, or playing on the computer we carry our ipad to bed and finish just one more thing while going to sleep.  There is nothing wrong with the computers they are just a tool.  We are however neglecting the tool that these computers replaced, our bodies.  If we want to be able to function well and without pain then it is important to keep the tool that is our body well tuned up.

Now you don’t need another blog to tell you this.  Most people already know what they should be doing, such as eating right and exercising.  We can all use reminders though, so here are just a few links to scary news articles all about reasons to get yourself moving.

Children growing weaker as computers replace outdoor activity

‘iPosture’ blamed for surging back pain among young adults 

Why Sitting at the Computer Gives You a Bad Back


One thought on “Computers Causing Back Pain

  1. Gulfport Chiropractor

    This problem has been getting worse since the beginning of the industrial revolution. We have done more and more sitting every year. Now we are amplifying it with our digital devices. Phone related neck pain a major source of neck pain in my practice.


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