I’m Fixed So I’m Done Now, Right?

Would you ever say or think the following:

I had a root canal fixed … so I can stop brushing my teeth now … Right?
I bought new tires … now I can stop filling them with air … Right?
I had my carpets shampooed … so I stopped vacuuming … What?
I had my car engine repaired … so I should stop changing my oil … Right?
I reached my goal weight … so now I can eat what ever I want … Right?


My chiropractor aligned my spine, now I no longer hurt … so, I can stop getting adjustments and doing the exercises he gave me … WHAT!?

True preventative health care means doing what you know is right now even though you don’t have symptoms. You eat right.  You work out.  You get regular dental checkups.  You should also see your chiropractor regularly for your musculoskeletal health.  You may not know you’re joints are tight until you bend over to pick up that pencil, then it’s too late.  Come see your chiropractor now.  Call Utah Spinal Care at 801-523-0073.


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