Fast Food Can Change

My daughters don’t like fast food.  I think we scared them enough, and we don’t generally take them to fast food places.  Once or twice a year is about our average.  My oldest daughter told me that when she grew up she wanted to have a restaraunt that served good healthy food fast.  She went on to describe how fast she can make a healthy meal.  This daughter is only 10.  Will we have to wait until she grows up to see healthy options in fast food?  Can fast food even be healthy?

I recently got a letter from McDonalds (R) to healthcare professionals touting the changes that they plan to make.  They have heard the desire of the public and the government threats and decided to show that fast food can be healthy.  Here is the public press release.  I’ve also seen many fast food places or special menus with fresh or healthy names begin to pop up.  The changes seem to just be in the name.  The quality of the food is still up for debate. 

I know that if you have the right supplies and are working at it you can produce healthy food for large numbers of people relatively quickly.  I don’t see most fast food places tossing salad in the back or cutting up a fresh avocado.  Anytime you mass produce, corners are cut to be more efficient.  Those corners in food services are usually nutrition. 

Fast food has come a long way.  Apparently some places now serve oatmeal for breakfast and have fruit and yogurt.  That oatmeal is the stripped down instant oatmeal with almost no fiber left in it and I highly doubt the yogurt is cultured, but it’s better than the grease that was their only option before.  Many places have decent salads now.  And one thing I would always recommend is to, special order healthy.  When you change something the preparers have to pay attention to what they are doing and you make the choice to order something in a more healthy way than it usually is.  Fast Food obviously can change.  The question remains, will there ever really be healthy fast food?


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