Chiropractic Month in Utah

It is official, yesterday a group of doctors from the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association (UCPA) including myself met with the Governor Gary Herbert as he signed a declaration declaring October 2009 as Chiropractic Month.  He spoke with us of his support of chiropractic and mentioned his gratitude for the work that chiropractic has done for himself, his family, and for Utah.

Chiropractic Month (7)

Here is the text of the declaration:

Whereas, nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches which can result in loss of time and money for employers and employees alike;

Whereas, chiropractic care is an effective treatment for many types of headaches;

Whereas, chiropractic care offers nearly immediate relief from headache symptoms and ofttimes has fewer side effects and provides longer-lasting relief than many commonly prescribed medications;

Whereas, Doctors of Chiropractic may counsel their patients on life changes, headache triggers, and sleep patterns, as well as offer proactive advice on exercise, stress reduction and nutrition;

Whereas Doctors of Chiropractic are preventative care providers who focus on the health of the “whole person” and have particular expertise in the prevention and care of musculoskeletal injuries; and

Whereas, National Chiropractic Month serves as a reminder about the importance of making good health decisions;

Now Therefore, I, Gary R. Herbert, Governor of the State of  Utah, do hereby proclaim October 2009, as Chiropractic Month.


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