Laser For Musculoskeletal Complaints

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one of the many forms/names of this treatment.  I’ve discussed this therapy before.  The reality is that this modality uses light in a similar way that ultrasound uses sound.  It also produces similar results though by different means.  Some advantages of LLLT over ultrasound are that it can be used on open wounds, treatment time is reduced, it doesn’t require a conductive gel, and isn’t going to hurt with a broken bone.

LLLT is essentially just light at a particular wavelength directed into your body with a handLLLT held “wand.”  It’s usually done with lasers or LEDs, hence the name.  You should feel nothing during treatment.  Advertisers fight about lasers vs LEDs and what particular wavelength is best or how many Joules to use.  Some day research will perfect it.  Every modality goes through improvements, and I look forward to that day with this one.  So far research has discovered it to be beneficial in chronic joint pain, soft tissue injuries (sprains/strains), reducing inflamation and wound healing.

There are many biochemical changes that go on with LLLT and the truth is that they are not all understood.  It’s easy to see how light can effect change in cells.  Photosynthesis happens around us everyday.  LLLT does not cause photosynthesis in humans, but it is a good analogy.  Our cells use the light energy of a particular wavelength to make changes that produce positive treatment results.

There are risks with LLLT just as there are with waking up in the morning.  There have been no side effects found in the 30+ years existence of this therapy, but if you are using a high powered laser you should protect your eyes and don’t look into it.  With our treatment we use LEDs so, we won’t shoot your eye out accidentally.  LLLT has not been found to cause cancer. Because it improves growth however, if you use it on a cancer… well you get the idea.  Don’t treat cancer with LLLT.


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