Truly Complementary

I often hear about medicine and chiropractic not working together.  I don’t ever see it, I just hear about it.  Lately I have been wondering why should there be any animosity.  Why don’t more hospitals hire chiropractors, why would chiropractors refuse to work with medical doctors.

There are always the extremists in any discussion like this, those with horrible information and bias beyond belief.  The conspiracy theorists if you will.  Ignoring those fringe wackos, no one disputes that there are benefits to chiropractic, or to medicine, or to physical therapy and psychiatry, or even to acupuncture, and natural medicine.  There is of course a need for balance in all things, but there are proven benefits to all of these methods.  So why don’t they work together more often?

I recently read a story of a chiropractor who understands that healthcare is about caring for the patients health.  He and another chiropractor decided to go to medical school. (As a prideful side note they graduated number 1 and 2 in their class)  He did not go to abandon his chiropractic practice.  He went to expand the benefits that he could provide to his patients.  He recognized the limitations of chiropractic and of medicine.  He now combines treatments and sees great results.

I don’t want to prescribe medication.  I love doing what I do, and would like to focus on it, but I would like to work closer with doctors and providers of all sorts.  I am beginning a mission to meet as many other providers as possible.  I want to know what they do and what they have to offer my patients.  I know my limitations as a chiropractor and I’d like to become the best referrer I can be, I want to know who to send people to, and I can’t do that without getting to know them, so if you’re a provider in the Utah county area, or if you have some information for me or are like minded please leave a reply give me a website, point me to know who will be truly complementary to my care.


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