Wasatch Back – Ragnar Relay

courseoverview2Well it was far to busy to document as it happened, but I’d like to give a review of why I was out of the office this last weekend.  For those of you who are unaware Ragnar is a group that organizes marathon-like relays all across the country.  In Utah the race is called the Wasatch Back it is a relay race of 188 miles run by over 650 teams with 12 runners per team.  The runners took their turns running from Logan all the way to Park City over a 36 hour period.  With their teammates meeting them along the way to offer support.

Chiropractors from the UCPA were on hand at the 2 largest exchanges to treat runners.  I treated with them the first day, and treated headaches, torticollis, injuries everywhere in the spine, as well as hip knee ankle and foot issues.

The number one issue I treated was Iliotibial Band Syndrome and other similar lateral knee issues followed closely by Plantar Fasciitis.  The best treatment for these of course is to reduce your running frequency and intensity and avoid downhill runs.  You try telling that to a bunch of runners (crazy enough to run this relay in the first place) during the middle of it.

Chiropractors at Ragnar Relay

Chiropractors at Ragnar Relay

I was forced to come up with stabilizing treatments and therapies that would just keep them from entirely destroying their knees until they finished the race and could get proper care.  It was fun.

I rode along with half of my team stopping to offer support and treatment at each exchange point.  Later that day I met up with other UCPA doctors at a main exchange point where we treated over 100 runners, many of which had never had chiropractic care.

That night we got about 2 hours of sleep on a highschool gym floor.  I just slept on my

Van 1 Half of Team make it Rain

Van 1 Half of Team make it Rain

adjusting table.  The next day with very little sleep and no recent training I ended up running a 5km leg with one of the team for moral support.  Consequently I was too tired to treat with the UCPA doctors at the next major exchange, but they were able to handle it without me.  I don’t have the details of what or how many they treated yet.  They had a great time though.

All in all it was great  team Make it Rain finished the course in 31 hours and 15 min and were all happy for a hot shower and warm soft bed.  Way to go team!

Treating at the side of the road

Treating at the side of the road


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