Chiropractic & Baseball

Chiropractic Night at the BEES Game!
Salt Lake Bees

The Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association (UCPA) has partnered with the Salt Lake Bees as part of our public awareness in Utah.

  • Saturday July 11th -7:00 pm.
  • Cost is $12 includes game admission, UCPA t-shirt, ice cream social & promotional batting helmet night at the game.
  • Tailgate Ice Cream Social-5:30 pm Dr. Galen Birdsley’s office:1360 S. NIain, SLC (same block as the Ballpark / Left Field).
  • Parking available at Dr. Birdsley’s office (mention UCPA and receive $2 off) .
  • TICKET DEADLINE JUNE 19 @ 5:00pm Call Tim 877-421-8272 or 801-281-4100 or your District Leader for more details.

If you’re in Utahyou should come join the fun, bring your family.  This would also be a great thank-you gift for patients who give referrals.  So if you’re my patient and know that person down the street who keeps complaining about their back send them in and I’ll give you tickets to this exciting event.  If nothing else it’s a fun way to support chiropractic.


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