Start Talking Chiropractic – Healthcare Reform

There is a big discussion in our government lately and Healthcare Reform is it’s buzzword.  The idea seems to be to make the current healthcare system work.  I’m not entirely sure why the federal government keeps trying to prop up failing industries.  It’s like they are saying we must preserve a way of life that doesn’t work.  Perhaps they are just hoping that the rest of the country will not notice how much the government is failing.

We the people have a chance to have a say in how Healthcare is Reformed.  There is talk of preventative care becoming the norm, and reducing costs, however most “preventative” care has actually raised costs because it doesn’t actually prevent anything, it’s usually just screening everybody for a large fee and in many cases does more harm than good (link).  Early detection is not prevention.

Preventative care is treatment that can actually keep you from having health problems, rather than just finding them early.  I would like to see insurance companies pay for vitamins, chiropractic maintenance care, and gym memberships if they are serious about preventative care.  Of course that’s not really realistic, but I can, hope for change, and even promote good ideas.  Which brings up a bad idea, health insurance has shown it’s self to be unsustainable.  The costs grow too rapidly to allow this method of payment to survive.

We just bailed out the banks and the auto industry.  Will we bail out health insurance companies next.  Are they “too big to fail?”  We should stop propping up failed models and start coming up with new ideas.  Perhaps a wellness plan where you pay until you get sick.  That motivates providers to keep you well, or my favorite, health savings accounts where instead of spending $600+ a month ($7200+ each year) in premiums the person saves money that they can spend when they need it.  They can pay cash and providers will have to decide how much their services are really worth.  There is still a place for insurance.  It’s for disasters and rare circumstances such as broken limbs or cancer, or long term care.  Share your ideas, or debate mine.  What ever you do speak up, here on my blog is a good starting place.

And here are two free ways that you can have your voice heard in this reform debate:

ChiroVoice –

The time to speak up is now, when ideas count, not later in a complaint!


2 thoughts on “Start Talking Chiropractic – Healthcare Reform

  1. laborlawguy

    Health savings accounts sound great–if only people had either the money or the discipline to save for anything. Unless it’s provided as a benefit at work, or as a government program, health care and retirement are low on people’s spending lists. Those SUVs and SeaDoos are at the top, at least here in California. At any rate, the Obamaniacs will assure us of “free” (as in non-existent) health care starting very soon, so we can all enjoy getting on waiting lists of years’ length and then being denied both treatments and medicines as “too expensive” and not “cost effective.”

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      I’m glad you have an opinion and are willing to share it at least here. Anyone paying for health insurance already has at least $600 each month that they can use to put into a health savings account. As far as discipline well, I’m sorry, but the choice to not be responsible does not make me more inclined to help them out. I would highly recommend education programs for people and even tax incentives for companies to offer the chance to take the money out of a pay check pre-tax like they already do for insurance.
      The threat of “free” healthcare should be a great reason for you to contact your senator and representative and tell them what you want and what really works. If we bombard congress with better choices they will be too scared for their jobs to go against us. Speak up.


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