Answering Questions – Overwhelming

I have recently found a way to provide a great service to the public who really want help.  Yahoo! Answers is a website that allows people to ask questions and get answers from the general public.  They have a health-care section with many other subsections.  I have been trying to provide professional answers to basic health or musculoskeletal questions and have had great success in helping to educate people.  I have run into a few problems however.

The questions are often vague and don’t provide enough information or are sometimes tongue in cheek.  This isn’t a major problem as it gives an opportunity to educate people, and there are enough questions that you can skip the ones that aren’t serious.  This leads to the major problem though.  There are so many questions coming in, there is no way I can answer them all that I want to even just in the subsection I have chosen.  The solution I have come up with is to enlist you, my readers.  Be you patient or doctor you can answer questions directing people to the appropriate resources.  Don’t give medical advice, but educate the people asking the questions on conditions and what treatment options are available.  Often you’ll be able to point them to chiropractic, but also include medical options when appropriate.

I only answer 2-5 questions a day, and often the questions are so similar that I can just copy and paste from a prior answer customizing it a little.  It takes very little time, and if enough chiropractors or chiropractic patients answer 2 questions then we can have a huge impact on influencing the public and educating them on the usefulness of chiropractic.  It may not benefit you immediately, but it benefits the public and will benefit the chirorpactic profession as a whole in the future.  Give it a try; help someone out.


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