Swine Flu Info

From some of the media coverage you might think the black plague was back.  As a public health advocate I thought I’d put out a little bit more rational information and provide anyone with greater interest with some links.  First of all this new illness is not new.  The USA has seen swine flu before, and has overcome it.  It has been found to be no worse than a regular flu.  While influenza can be serious most of the cases recover quickly and without complications, and many without treatment.  YOU CANNOT GET SWINE FLU BY EATING PORK OR OTHER PIG PRODUCTS.


Swine Flu symptoms are the same as a regular flu, coughing, sneezing, fever, tiredness, runny nose, etc.   Swine flu cannot be differentiated from regular flu by symptoms, if you suspect you may have swine flu because you have recently traveled to Mexico and now have the flu you should see your medical doctor and have them take a sample and have it tested.


Prevention of swine flu is the same as any flu.  Avoid sick people and wash your hands regularly.  Always cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands afterward.  If you are showing signs of flu stay home to avoid passing it on to others.  As a chiropractor I must also tell you that a healthy body is less likely to get sick than a weakened one.  A good diet, exercise, Vitamin C, and yes even chiropractic adjustments have all been shown to boost the immune system or improve overall body function, and a well functioning body is much more able to fight off things like the flu.  There are also many great immune boosting products that you can purchase.  I don’t endorse any particular one, so I’ll let you comment on this post and tell people about your favorite.


Though many of the cases of swine flu have gotten better without any medical treatment this particular strain is responding to prescription antiviral drugs.

Additional Information

For more info without the hype please visit the CDC’s website on this topic.


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