Be Present in the Present

This last week I went to the spring UCPA convention, and I learned some new things.  I’d heard the information presented before, but I did pick up some new things from the presenters and it was a good convention overall, but that’s not what I want to report on here.

I want to say something about presence.  109_2341-croppedBear with me because this will relate to chiropractic and life in general.  At this convention even though I felt I had heard it all before I tried to focus and be present in the moment.  As I did this I found insights from what the speakers said even though it wasn’t what they were talking about.  Their words sparked something in me that taught me truth beyond what was provided. Being present in the moment allows us to tap into that something more that is there.  A wise teacher once said, “be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the moment.”

In health care we can provide treatment and patients will still not get better even though that treatment may be exactly what is called for by the book.  But if we are present in the moment and truly there caring for the patient rather than just treating them, we are able to find what they may need, and give something more.  When working out if you are present and pay attention to your body you will have a better workout. Listen, look, and feel with your everything.  You may gain an insigt to your body.  You may discover that you’ve been doing things the hard way.  You may find the answer you were looking for right in front of you.

You can learn alot from the past, and you should have faith in the future, but if you’re not here now what good do those do you.  Be present in the present or you’ll miss it.


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