Healthcare On A Budget – Part II Education

EDUCATION is the second way to save yourself healthcare dollars.  This education comes in many forms.  First you need to learn the basics of first aid and home care.  If you know how to treat basic injuries and how to recognize when things are beyond your ability then you will save many trips to the ER. You can get a basic first aid manual from your local library, free online training, or contact your local boy scout troop and see if you can earn your first aid merit badge. In educating your self create an emergency kit, stock it and know how to use all of the items in it.

Learn when to call the doctor.  Often times a fever doesn’t mean you need to call.  As a general rule fevers aren’t worrisome until they are over 103 degrees and only then if they don’t respond to fever reducing medication like Tylenol (recommendations are different for young children).  Learn when a cough, or fever, or sore throat, or ear ache, etc is bad enough to call.  More often than not your body will cope just fine and there is nothing a doctor can do.  You’ll save money if you know when those times are.

Stay informed about what conditions are “going around” and be prepared for them.  If you’re not sure what’s going around call your local hospital or just a public school.

Learn where you can get the cheapest help.  Your chiropractor is much cheaper than the emergency room, and trained in diagnosis.  Just checking into the ER is going to cost you about $500 when all said and done.  That’s more than 10 visits if you come see me.  Nothing’s worse than going to the emergency room and having them tell you I’m sorry there’s nothing that can be done, and then getting the bill from them for that nothing that they did.  A chiropractor will not treat you when a bone is sticking out or when you’ve cut off a finger, but when the case is questionable learn who you can turn to for less cost.


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