Getting Healthcare While On a Budget

This question arose in another topic that I posted, but I felt it was so pertinent to the current economic situation.  The first thing to realize is that you are talking about your health.  Don’t fool around if you think something is serious.

I know how you feel.  I was in the same situation for the first 10 years of my marriage.  You worry that you or your family could get sick because you can’t afford to take them to the doctor, and going to the emergency room would destroy you financially.  In this kind of situation people are looking for ways that they can make their dollars go farther.

Part I – Prevention

The first way to spend less is PREVENTION. Eating right and exercise costs no more than eating poorly and doing nothing.  Go for a walk, eat a carrot, don’t buy soda, wash your hands, know your blood pressure.  Chiropractic is also an excellent way to keep in prime condition.  If you can keep your body in good condition or improve it you are better able to avoid illness and recover quicker from injury.

If you can’t prevent it from happening and sometimes we can’t; the next best thing is to catch it early to prevent it from getting worse.  Many people just ignore symptoms and put off that doctors visit thinking that they’ll probably get better on their own.  The reality is if you head things off early you’ll prevent the bigger things down the road.  To use a dental example, a filling is much cheaper than a root canal.  Don’t put off those relatively cheap preventative checkups.  They are probably the cheapest office visits and if they identify something early you’ll spend much less than you would if you wait.

With chiropractic the longer you wait to come in the more visits it will take to get you back in good condition.  When our joints aren’t moving they can slip into a degenerative cycle.  So that pain in the neck, if not taken care of, could turn into a pain down the arm and back as well.

I’m not saying you should see a doctor for every little thing,  but if it’s not getting better on it’s own or it’s getting worse don’t wait weeks before getting help.  Tune in next time for more of this stimulating information…


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