Public Health and Chiropractic

Next week is National Public Health Week, so today I’d like to talk a little about public health and how chiropractors can be a part of the solution.  Most people don’t know what public health is.  That’s understandable because it is such a vast topic.  Public health is everything from seat belt laws, to garbage collection, smoking cessation programs to workplace safety.  So where does a chiropractor fit in?  Chiropractors are in a prime position to promote public health. Chiropractors are physicians and accepted health care providers.  This places them in the public’s eye as experts in the field of health.

Here are some ways that Chiropractors can represent Public Health (that many already do):

  • Behavior modification counseling in areas such as; Physical Activity/ Fitness, Nutrition, Tobacco Use, and Alcohol & Drug Use
  • Identifying and giving proper referrals for; outbreaks of communicable diseases, eating disorders, family planning, suspected child abuse, abuse of any kind, proper prenatal care
  • Participate in or organize health fairs at schools, businesses, and community groups
  • Do public spinal screenings
  • Provide public lectures
  • Provide free blood pressure screening and education at your clinic or local public facilities
  • Chiropractors should lead Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Chiropractors should be involved in  public health policy making in their local government

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