Rash of Scarlet Fever Hits

I apologize for my lack of updates recently I was struck down for a while by Strep and Scarlet Fever.  It has not been a fun experience, but I promise I have some good articles coming as soon as I can catch up with life again.

Stock Image, Not Dr. Duncan

For a chiropractic bent on this post.  I was rather disappointed that I had been trained to diagnose and treat this disease, and yet could not.  I was able to do an exam and diagnosis on myself and get an MD friend to confirm the diagnosis and then give me a scrip for antibiotics so that I wouldn’t be a public health risk.  All that training to diagnose, and I couldn’t even pick up some basic penicilin for myself.  For some balance medical doctors can’t perscribe for themselves either.  I guess it’s ok.

And for a first hand perspective on this illness.  It feels kind of like having a sunburn over your entire body from the inside out, even inside my ears.


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