Releasing Patients From Care is Bitter-Sweet

A patient walks into my office.  She’s in pain, and has been for some time.  She’s tried other things, but has not found anything that works.  She’s skeptical that chiropractic will help, but she’s willing to give it a try.  She opens up to me as a doctor and submits to the treatment I recommend.  As she begins to see some positive results she is more and more excited to go see her chiropractor.  We become a part of each others lives seeing each other often.  I look forward to hearing about how things are going in her life.  The triumphs and the failures.  I enjoy sharing the happenings in my life too.  We begin seeing less and less of each other.  Soon we will part ways.  Now, being an army brat I’m used to meeting many people getting close to them and then suddenly leaving.  It’s a part of life.  Events bring people together for only a short time, then events change.

It is always a happy experience to walk through a final examination with a patient, and compare their current status to the original symptoms.  They almost always remark that they had forgotten how bad it was when they first came in.  I love to see the smile on their face when they realize how far they’ve come.  It’s one of my favorite things to do as a doctor.  It’s also a very sad experience to send people away.  I’ve become a part of these people’s lives for a time.  Sure we keep in touch and they’ll come in again, and when they send referrals I am eager to ask how their friend is doing.  But despite the sweet feeling of helping a person to feel better it’s bitter to see them go sometimes.

See you soon!


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