Obama Wants To See Your Health Records

I don’t even know what to say about this one.  To summarize, the “stimulus” plan has hidden in its’ voluminous depths some specific measures that would require all medical records to be electronic.  That would force clinics to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade from paper systems.  Even the little clinic that can’t afford it.  This is supposed to decrease health care costs?

Oh but wait.  Not only does it require all records to be electronic, but they would all be accessible by a new federal bureaucracy who would add another person telling you and your doctor what treatments you can and can not get.  You would not be allowed to have any treatment that the government did not deem “appropriate and cost-effective.” So the government will now have access to your most private of all records, and you won’t get to decide with your doctor what’s right for you the government will simply tell you what’s allowed.

If you think that this is just an ideal with no teeth; this bill that is supposed to stimulate our economy has built in punishments for doctors who don’t want to release your private records or treat the way the system says they have to the bill calls these not “meaningful users” and that term is not defined but allowed to be interpreted by who ever is in charge.  These punishments include penalties, fines, injunctions, criminal charges, and even loss of license.

Does this sound like Stalinist Russia.  It does to me.  And I was worried about the patriot act.  At least it had a sunset clause.

As an adendum; it looks like Dr. Gray has posted on this also, see here.


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