Jerry Rice: Chiropractic Spokesman

Chiropractic has had many high profile spokes people, some were official spokes people and some are just fans of Chiropractic.  Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Lance Armstong, Joe Montana, The US Olympic teams, Emmit Smith, Madonna, and Robin Williams to name a few out of the thousands.  Well, this last week The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress announced it’s official spokes person for 2009.  Jerry Rice…

“13-time Pro Bowl football player who owns 38 career records and three Super Bowl rings, will share his positive experiences with chiropractic care.”

There are many news articles on the topic here is one.  Anyone familiar with football will know Jerry.  Those who don’t know football, but watch TV will know him from Dancing With the Stars.  Similar to Emmit Smith who was adjusted on camera during his run on Dancing With the Stars.  Jerry Rice is looking for the most out of his performance and his life in general.  Anyone looking for a performance edge, or just to live life to the best that they can should look into chiropractic.


One thought on “Jerry Rice: Chiropractic Spokesman

  1. Trishelle

    Pretty impressive stats. It’s great that the spokesman for chiropractic knows what he’s talking about and has experience to back that up.


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