After I release my patients from acute care I always recommend home care exercises and lifestyle changes.  At the beginning of this new year people begin the process of trying to make similar life changes hoping to improve their quality of life.  Most people want to be in better shape than they are now.

Many resolutions to get in shape are broken each year.  Goals are great, but without a plan to accomplish them you’ll just end up disappointed and less happy.  That’s fine, just make a plan, joining a gym is a great way to start.  There are people there to report your progress to and who are interested in your success.  I prefer to not exercise in front of a TV, and I like my bike to actually get me places.  There are others such as my wife who enjoy the camaraderie and climate control of a gym.  In fact I’ve found so many people actually enjoy going to the gym that I thought I’d investigate.

I’m looking around the area at the local gyms to see what they have to offer my patients; if they have the type of machines that I would recommend for rehab, and who gives the best offers.  Across the street from us is a 24 Hour Fitness, so I thought I’d start my visits there.

The first thing I saw that I liked was a pool.  Many of my patients need a low stress form of exercise.  Swimming or even moving in the water relieves the constant weight bearing on many joints and allows a full range of motion.  24 Hour Fitness has the full compliment of equipment that you’d imagine, and group classes of all sorts.  They also have a kids club that is generally cheaper and easier than a babysitter.  The only thing that I found lacking at this location was any neck strengthening equipment.  I’m not surprised I’ve never found a gym that does have that kind of machine.  I’ll let you know if I find one with cervical machines.

Overall I was impressed enough with 24 Hour Fitness to ask for some referral cards for my patients.  So, if you’re interested they gave me a stack of  FREE 7 DAY offer cards.  Fitness and chiropractic go hand in hand, so I’ll give you the chiropractic take on a few more of our local gyms in the coming posts.  I just have to get time to go check them out.


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