Bed Wetting Update – Success So Far

Prior to getting lumbar and SI adjustments before bed this patient was wetting the bed 6-7 nights a week despite her parents avoiding fluids before bed, and taking her to the bathroom 2-3 times per night.  this meant that they would have to wake up in the night just to take her to the bathroom.  This pattern had continued for a little less than a month of her parents trying to get the child free of night time training pants.

Nothing in the routine changed except adding an adjustment.  After 2 weeks of treatment here are the results.  In these last 2 weeks the child has had any chiropractic listings in the lumbar spine or pelvis adjusted 6 out of 7 nights of each week.  Beginning with that first night the child ceased bed wetting except for one night when the child actually awoke on her own too late. The parents no longer have to get up during the night to take the child to the bathroom.  They take her once before she goes to bed and then once before they go to bed themselves.  She is able to control her bladder through the remainder of the night, and has on occasion woken up herself to go to the bathroom on her own.  Treatment will continue, but reduce in frequency.

I will not be going into a possible mechanism of effect at this time (how the treatment may work).  For understanding of why I am treating from the lumbar spine to the pelvis; Sympathetic nerves to the bladder come from the upper lumbar spine, and parasympathetic nerves come from the Sacral region.


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