Autism and Chiropractic?

I don’t know how much chiropractic manipulation can help autism.  I’m not aware of the research on it.  I know autism does have a neurological component and so manipulation may benefit, directly or indirectly.  Recently there was a local news story on exactly this topic.  I was interested in the case study from a professional point of view, but while I was reading it I noticed Dr. Troy Frazier (a chiropractor I know) was the chiropractor doing the treatment.  That’s when I knew I had to write a post to congratulate Dr. Frazier on making the news.

I’ve seen much anecdotal evidence about non-traditional methods of treatment getting good results. I would think there would be more research into the topic.  In fact most of what I hear coming out of main stream medicine is that there is no cure for autism.  If the medical community would say, “we do not have a good treatment for autism, but you might try this other group as they’ve had success” I wouldn’t mind so much.  But what I’ve heard is we don’t know it so there is nothing you can do.  I’ve seen entire websites out there dedicated to destroying the gluten/sugar/dairy free diet that has helped many with autism.  And, the only argument they present is that there is no research supporting it.  Well let me tell you, there’s also no research disproving it.  If wearing a blue hat cures your cancer, then by all means wear the blue hat.

The cured cases that I’ve seen are not easy fixes.  The families have made sacrifices.  It takes a lot of effort and support.  It’s true, there is no magic pill, but if you are determined and able to follow a strict diet and life plan you can improve your health.  In these cases autism was reversed. This may not be the best thing for you and I do not claim to be an expert on the topic, but it’s worth investigating.

I have no doubt that chiropractic can be beneficial to autistic patients.  As far as a cure goes, I don’t know. I’m not willing to just give up, and I’m definitely not going to say that no one can help.  If I can’t help then I will refer you to someone who can.  If I don’t know who can then I need to meet a new colleague.


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