Chiropractic and the Voice

I’ve been busy recently.  This last weekend I participated in a pilot study that I envisioned about a year ago.  I have friends who are singers, and one of them in particular, Eric Hanson, commented to me that when ever I adjusted him prior to a performance he always sang better.  I thought that was interesting and so with the help of a local professor from BYU, Arden Hopkin, put together a research study that might help us determine the validity of that statement.Eric Orchestra

This last Saturday I spent listening to and adjusting some great singers in the Utah County area.  It was a wonderful experience.  Overall I’d say that the study was a success, and though I haven’t finished analyzing the data the oral feedback from the performers was that each of them felt improvement in their performances after chiropractic manipulation.  The comment from the vocal professor was that he was actually able to hear improvement in all but one of the performers.

With this exciting information I may approach BYU for a more formal study.  At a minimum I hope to be able to present this data to the local organization of vocal teachers.  It would be great to know how exactly chiropractic can affect the voice.  When I get the data compiled I’ll post some of the interesting findings.

Perhaps I will be able to present it to the local or touring broadway performers, and be able to work on the singers in Wicked when they come this next April to Salt Lake City.


2 thoughts on “Chiropractic and the Voice

  1. cmnacnud Post author

    Yes, I plan to submit to both journals, and I hope that it will lead to further studies in this area. Performing artists are always looking for that extra edge just as athletes are. If we can give them that it would be great.


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