Eye Opening Childbirth Report from Consumer Reports

I am not an obstetrician or a midwife.  I do however have a vested interest in the birthing procedures of our society.  My number one concern is my wife and children.  My wife and I have 3 beautiful children and are hoping to have more, so the techniques used in hospitals will affect our decisions directly.

As a chiropractor and massage therapist I studied prenatal care techniques and work with many pregnant women.  I am often asked my opinion regarding prenatal care and delivery procedures.  I work with a few Douala’s, midwives, some family practice MDs that do delivery, and even some OBs.

Some things in this field I have always been wary of.  Some recent trends however startled me.  The providers I work with are exceptional, as I have asked my patients about them, investigated their opinions, and looked into them before recommending them.  If you are interested in seeing some of the providers I work with feel free to visit that portion of my website.

This month, Consumer Reports put out a quiz and a report that I felt the need to bring up in this blog.  It is good information.  Please visit their site, and come back to this blog to discuss your opinions.  The gist of the report is that in our endeavor to make pregnancy and delivery easier we, as a society, have become too reliant on technological advances and have lost touch with the natural process of birth.  This has led to more not less complications. The report indicated:

“The reasons for this overuse might have more to do with profit and liability issues than with optimal care, the report points out. Hospitals and care providers can increase their insurance reimbursements by administering costly high-tech interventions rather than just watching, waiting, and shepherding the natural process of childbirth.”

Please consider the options when you bring a child into this world, if you do not have the education or do not want to know, seek out a reputable and trusted friend who will help you in making the decisions.  If you have questions I will be happy to answer.  If I don’t know the answer I’ll look into it for you.  This is a safe forum if you want to post anonymously you are welcome to.


2 thoughts on “Eye Opening Childbirth Report from Consumer Reports

  1. rochesterchiro

    I had similar thoughts during the births of my three kids. The hospitals and all that equipment are only there in case something goes wrong. Otherwise, they are really unnecessary. If something does go wrong, however, I would not want to be anywhere but with the best, high-tech equipment surrounded by the best, high-tech staff.

  2. toronto.pregnant.chiro

    As with all health care decisions, knowledge is power. As a pregnant chiro, I too have a particular interest in childbirth, chiropractic and the blending of the two. I wonder and worry about the over-medicalization of normal, healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.
    I worry that when we test test test we will eventually find something not ‘normal’. When we convince ourselves that there is ONLY one way to deliver a child (with an OB, medicated, in a hospital) we take away the right to trust our bodies to guide us. When we treat every birth as a medical problem about to happen, we forget what normal looks like.

    That said, I’ll another 10 weeks to fully weigh in on this!!


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