October is National Chiropractic Month

In honor of National Chiropractic Month I thought I’d you with a little educational material on the subject so when people ask you about chiropractic you have something to say, so I’ll start this series of blog posts with…

7 Facts About Chiropractic

• Chiropractic is the largest, most regulated, and best recognized of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions.

• There are more than 60,000 active chiropractic licenses in the United States. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands officially recognize  chiropractic as a health care profession.

• Chiropractic education is much more regulated and extensive than most people appreciate. The Council on Chiropractic Education, an agency certified by the Department of Education, currently recognizes 15 chiropractic programs at 18 different locations.

• Prior to practicing, Doctors of Chiropractic must graduate from an accredited chiropractic college, pass national board examinations and become state-licensed.

• In national surveys, patients favor chiropractic over medical care for back or neck pain. Patients routinely rate Doctors of Chiropractic highly in skill, manner, and explanation of treatment.

• Chiropractic treatment is a covered benefit in many traditional insurance policies. In fact,
according to some reports, as many as 87 percent of all insured American workers have coverage for chiropractic services in their health care plans.

• Chiropractic care is achieving more and more integration into today’s health care system. Just a few notable examples of chiropractic integration include the chiropractic department at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and the doctors of chiropractic who work as consultants to the Office of the Attending Physician at the U.S. Capitol Building. Furthermore, the federal government provides chiropractic benefits for veterans, military personnel and Medicare patients.

This information provided by the American Chiropractic Association. (Edited for length)


2 thoughts on “October is National Chiropractic Month

  1. Dr. Tony

    Thank you for the information. I am a chiropractor learning to blog for my office. In looking at most blogs, most seemed to be ramblings. Yours is more information based and gets people excited about what I do. I would like to start and continue my blog with a similar style and appreciate any help in doing so.

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Dr. Anthony Ratkovic, D.C.

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      I haven’t posted a lot in a while because of starting a new position with the Navy, but am to the point where I can make time again. Feel free to continue to watch this blog for ideas. Feel free to use the ideas I present with your own slant.

      I’ve found, the key to a good informational blog is topics. Create a list of things you’d like to blog about and then write a draft title and save it. Then if you are ever stumped and don’t know what to write you have a few ideas already waiting. If you don’t have any ideas ask your patients, they always have questions and you have to answer them for them anyway. You might as well answer them online too. Most blogs die out after a few posts.

      Another thing that I do is I try to keep all of my posts to 350 words or less. If people want more or have questions then you can have a conversation in the reply section. If you really need more words than that then you can usually break it up into more than one post. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions.


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