More Chiropractic For the Military… Still Not Enough

The ACA officially posted an article on Thursday announcing Congress’ latest improvement for our military troops access to chiropractic.  According to the article:

Congress has once again affirmed its desire to ensure accessibility of chiropractic care within the military and has ordered the Pentagon to expand the availability of chiropractic services to 11 additional military bases.

This is great news, however the troops that need it the most are our troops overseas.  Despite the success of the program stateside, we still have no chiropractors to care for our troops who are deployed throughout the world.

There are 3 bills still in congress that could affect this issue.  The first is HR 5658 which passed in the House and now sits in the Senate that directs the pentagon to begin opening positions overseas as part of a military funding bill for 2009.  The other two are twin bills in both the house and senate (HCR 294, SCR 75) to try to get chiropractors commissioned.  If that were the  case then chiropractors could be stationed or shipped with units where ever they were needed instead of being civilian contractors working at established stateside facilities.

For more information visit  That site has also newly posted the Candidates up for election this next month who have been supportive of chiropractic in it’s election section.  Sadly, neither candidate for President fits that description.  They have not been opposed, but they also have not been supportive, and neither camp will respond to my questions on the topic.


One thought on “More Chiropractic For the Military… Still Not Enough

  1. trishelle

    I’m sorry this has been a endless ordeal for you and others who support this cause. I continue to pray for movement in this cause and truly hope something happens soon.

    Thank you for continuing to fight for this cause because even if nothing happens, you are being true to yourself and fighting for what you believe in. That shows integrity.


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