House Calls (Do Doctors Still Do Those?)

As of Oct. 2nd I am offering my services in a portable capacity.  I’ll still be practicing at my office in Cottontree Square, but starting October 2nd you don’t have to visit me, I’ll come to you.

If you can’t get out or just don’t want to, give me a call.


Get a massage or get an adjustment in the comfort of your own home or office.  Forget getting the kids ready.  Forget the drive.  Forget the waiting room… If your lunch break isn’t long enough to make it to the doctor, or if your whole office needs work, but are too busy to leave.  Let me come to you. I can come to your home, workplace, hotel, or even a local park.

I hope with this service to be able to bring chiropractic to those that otherwise would not or could not get to my office.  This service will be available to all of Utah County to start with.  I may extend the range depending on need.


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