Chiropractic House Calls

Have you ever calculated the time it takes to actually have a doctor’s appointment?

10-15 min getting ready (more if you have kids)

10-15 min drive time; then double that to get home again

10-15 min of paperwork or waiting in the waiting room

That’s about an hour of your time just to see the doctor for 5-10 minutes.  (At my office you may also be getting massage or physical therapy, which may add an additional 30 minutes.)

I have been toying with the idea for quite some time, and I believe that it is time for me to share my idea with you.  I am going to be doing house calls as a chiropractor.  I will be charging a nominal fee for travel and time, but I will be offering my services at homes, offices and other places conducive to such interaction.  I will set up certain days or times of the day that I will come to you.

There are tools that I will not be able to take with me, but as a chiropractor and a massage therapist all I really need is my hands.  I have my portable table, and I will be working out the details in this coming week.  As soon as I get it all ironed out I will announce my price list, hours and scheduling phone number.

So, if you need a chiropractor or massage therapist, but don’t like the hassle of driving to an office and waiting to be seen give me a call.  Or if you know someone who is housebound due to pain.  I will also be working with hospitals to treat people in urgent care centers and emergency rooms.  I hope to be able to bring chiropractic to those who want it more conveniently or who can’t get to me.

I’ll keep you posted as I am able


3 thoughts on “Chiropractic House Calls

  1. Willie Ow

    I’m a chiropractor as well. I love your idea and thought about doing the same. But I have a few concerns and would like to know what you think:

    1. How do you do x-rays and exams?
    2. If you can’t look at their x-rays, any concerns with liability?? Do you have them sign a form??

    Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank you


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