Follow Up… Chiropractic Miracles

As a follow up to my previous post about chiropractic miracles I read an interesting article on CNN  (link here) It’s about how to discuss faith with your doctor, and has some interesting statistics on the lack of faith in the hospital setting.

I don’t think that faith and science are exclusive fields.  In fact I think that they are very intertwined and both spring from the same origin.  Both claim to be a method to search for truth.  Ultimately we should not deny an occurrence simply because we don’t understand it.

Never be afraid to bring up your beliefs or feelings to your physician.  We always need the whole picture if we are worried about the whole you.  If I just wanted your spine healthy I would always fail because your whole body is connected and every part effects every other part.  If you are depressed emotionally you will have a more difficult time healing, if you have increased stress due to work or life you will need more help to support your self.

There is no denying that faith, spirit, emotion, optimism, trust and any myriad of intangibles affect our bodies.  I don’t charge for talking to you or for being someone to listen.  I charge for my chiropractic treatment, but if I ignore those other things then I am not being the best doctor I can be.  So pray if you so desire, meditate, whatever helps you to heal.  If you need to discuss it or have a question I’d be happy to talk.  I am not God.  A creator of our bodies though, is bound to know more than a humble doctor.  Chiropractic doesn’t heal anyway it just enables your body to function properly, and when it functions properly it can handle it’s own healing better than any medical science that I know of.


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