Chiropractic Miracles

I believe that miracles happen around us every day.  If we are looking we will see them.  People tend to notice health related miracles more than others.  Throughout healthcare miracles are rampant.  Being in these professions enables a close up look at miracles.  It is easy to see because we are so well trained regarding what the body “can” and “can’t” do.  I consider myself an evidence based doctor, relying upon science.  Science doesn’t discount, miracles.  Science is merely a means for recording and understanding observed phenomenons, such as miracles.

Geri-Jean Blanchard

Image by: Geri-Jean Blanchard

Most people realize that there is more to life than mankind currently can explain by our understanding.  Even though science has observed phenomenon, that doesn’t mean we understand it.  For example studies have shown that people who are prayed for heal faster than those who are not.  (Since that is known why do doctors not pray for every patient?  Does your doctor pray for you?)  We’ve all heard the stories of the patient who survives against all understanding.  Will power, human spirit, what ever you call the complex other stuff that we just don’t understand, it exists.

Most healthcare practitioners try to live by the motto “First, do no harm.”  It’s a good idea, but it has limited us.  In an effort to not do harm we have focused on only doing things that we understand.  Chiropractic is a little different.  Chiropractic was founded upon principles that we did not understand.  It was termed “innate intelligence” by the first modern chiropractors.  It’s that something more.  I don’t know that chiropractic adjustments allow that “innate” to flow more freely, and research has since discovered a more physiological explanation as to why manipulation works.  Yet there is still something more that happens.  Chiropractic seems to encounter and accept miracles a little bit more readily than traditional medicine.  I treat based upon understood principles, but pray that more benefit than is understood is received.

Here are some of the less understood benefits of chiropractic; I call them miracles:  Chiropractic has been seen to improve colic in newborns, asthma, bed wetting, high blood pressure, and even alergies all through chiropractic care.  These are the more commonly seen events.  I’m sure there are more and some less common.  If you’ve seen a chiropractic miracle, please leave a comment about it.  It’s always good to hear about miracles, even if we don’t understand them.


1 thought on “Chiropractic Miracles

  1. sherry Frame

    I don’t have a chiropractic miralce (yet) but I sure do believe in miracles. I just wanted to thank you for posting this, very sweet and refreshing to hear that someone is open to miracles and the awesome power of prayer. God bless you.


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