My Father the Lawyer

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My mother called me today and told me an interesting story,. at least to me.  Apparently they were watching the Olympics the other night and saw one of the female volleyball players struggling with a bit of pain.  During a break my father saw the medical staff putting some Kineso tape on her shoulder (this stuff has been talked about elsewhere) and then he saw her lie down and one of the doctors began working on her neck with his hands.  My mom says he jumped up out of his seat and said, “Hey! He’s doing… That’s a chiropractor!”

My father lives in Germany, and I live in Utah.  Consequently we don’t see each other very often.  My wife often describes my father as Atticus Finch the lawyer father from “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  He is a very calm rational man, a former JAG officer in the US Army.  I don’t know if it was pride, recognition or just astonishment at seeing chiropractic on TV for the first time.  I have this amazing picture in my mind of my father jumping up and down, eyes wide, smiling and yelling to the TV that he knows what’s going on.

Many people recently have told me about chiropractic in the Olympics.  It seems like to them chiropractic has finaly made it to the big time now that it’s at the Olympics.  I mentioned in a previous post that Chiropractors have been at the Olympics for over 30 years.  They are used by athletes looking for a little more from their body.  Chiropractors have been more visible than usual this year at the Olympics.  It’s always nice when the profession is visible.  It reminds people that we are here and can help them.  So whether you’re playing beach volleyball for Team USA or just rooting the team on chiropractic can help you.  Come on in for a free consultation to see just how.


One thought on “My Father the Lawyer

  1. Chiropractor in Citrus Heights

    I remember right after the summer Olympics so many friends and patients were asking about K-tape. I think some people wanted to wear it just because the athletes did. I think it made a lot of people take notice that chiropractors do more than just car accidents.


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