What a Chiropractor Can Not Do

A chiropractor doesn’t directly treat pneumonia, cancer, or chicken pox.  That doesn’t mean that he won’t recognize them when he sees them though.  This week in our clinic we had a patient come back with thanks for being the ones who finally caught his tumors.  This particular patient is a military veteran who has been having major problems for years.  He is constantly seeing multiple doctors and specialists.  He had been having leg pain for quite some time no one had really taken a look at it for what ever reason.  He has serious conditions, and so they may have been more focused on those.  What ever the reason it had not been addressed when he came in to Align Rehab and Wellness (Dr Duncan’s home) for treatment of his spine he mentioned the issue.  A history and X-ray was taken, only to show tumors in both the femur and the tibia.

While chiropractors often provide symptomatic relief for some types of cancer we don’t treat tumors directly.  This patient was appropriately referred so that further testing, more specific diagnosis, and treatment could occur.  Fortunately for the patient these tumors turned out to be benign, however he was surprised and happy that it was his chiropractor that discovered them.

Chiropractors receive extensive training in diagnosis.  Often more than medical doctors.  This training is not provided because our scope of practice includes the treatment of all conditions, but it does enable us to be primary care physicians able to recognize problems.  This is a benefit to the entire community and specifically to other health care providers.  It enables the problems to be found sooner by extending the eyes and ears of well trained professionals.  This patient and thousands of others every year are grateful to their chiropractor for recognizing something that they couldn’t even treat.

As a chiropractor it is nice to know, what I can not do.


1 thought on “What a Chiropractor Can Not Do

  1. trishelle

    Dr. Duncan,

    I appreciate this article and your knack for these engaging ideas. There is great potential for success when chiropractics can work in a complimentary manner with established medical practices. Good job for recognizing that. Thank you again for sharing.


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