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Some times there is a post that is just more popular than all of the others. Like a while ago when I did the link baiting post, a few weeks later there were massive hits on that post. The same thing has happened again, this time with out the intent to do so on my part.  The new bait is my post about wanting to work with performing artists.  In this particular case on the performers in the musical “Wicked.”  I appreciate the views, and it looks like these people are interested in what they read, because they stick around sometimes to look at other posts.

Since there is such popularity for this post, I thought I’d give an update on my progress.  I’ve actually made some inroads into the art community, not acting, but painting and sculpting.  These people work hard all day and with precision.  If they don’t take the time to take care of their body properly they can do serious damage, and possibly even destroy their career.

The other news for any chiropractors wanting to also treat performers is that most of them are not making a lot of money.  Even if I can convince them that they need care they may not come in because they can’t afford it.  I would love to treat people for nothing, but I also have to feed my family.  I have accepted trade for some patients.  Trade seems to be a great way to go with artists.

In summary I’m not yet working with the Broadway touring groups, but I have started to work with artists.  This road may not take me to that end, but I am still hopeful, and actively working towards it.

If any artists, musicians, actors, etc… would like to trade or just need to be seen give me a call.  I’d be happy to work something out and provide what help I can.


2 thoughts on “Popular Posts

  1. rochesterchiro

    You may want to take a look at the website musicianshealth.com which also incorporates the Chiropractic Performing Arts Network.

    Being listed there has brought me patients from the top notch Eastman School of Music as well as some traveling performers. It does not look like there is anyone from your part of Utah listed and you would be an excellent resource for people in that area.


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