Success Stories and the Amazing Human Body

As with most jobs chiropractic can be routine sometimes.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but sometimes you treat the same injuries over and over.  The thing that keeps it fun is the different people.  As amazing as our bodies are, I recognize a weakness when patient after patient comes in with the same problem.  These problems are usually due to lifestyle, like sitting at computers for hours, or not exercising enough.  I start to think perhaps it is more simple that I thought.

Then I get a case that is different, a challenge if you will.  Recently I had one of those.  It wasn’t the typical routine at all.  The patient came in with neck pain that radiated down her arm.  It seemed typical, and after her initial examination it appeared that it was typical.  I treated her initial symptoms as i usually do with a trial treatment to see how she would respond.

Her pain in the neck eased as I had expected, but it migrated out to the muscles in the base of her neck.  I thought that was odd, but further evaluation didn’t point to anything else so, being also a massage therapist I treated those muscles, thinking that her initial pain could have been referred pain from trigger points in these muscles.  We got them to relax enough that on the next visit we found pain yet further out.  This time her pain was under her collar bone.  This still made sense because the symptoms were following the path of the nerves that go down the arm from the spinal cord.

Well it turns out this patient had a repetative overuse sprain at her collar bone.  It came on gradually, and the symptoms throughout her neck and arm were a result of the body compensating and trying to prevent further injury.  Once we found it we were able to treat not only the symptoms, but were also able to help her speed up the healing of the source problem.

She is now doing well, and on the road to recovery. I am constantly in awe of the human body, but every once in a while a case comes along to challenge me and remind me just how amazing these bodies of ours are.


3 thoughts on “Success Stories and the Amazing Human Body

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  2. Rosie Rodriguez

    I have had neck and lower back injuries due to two car acidents almost 9years ago, I’m only 26 years old and have been hurting for so long and it gets worse every year. I’ve been prescribed inflammatory meds and naproxen but only takes away the pain for a while. The pain runs down to my arms and my arms feel real heavy to hold up when washing dishes or what not. What do you suggest?

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      I’ll be happy to answer you. First I recommend you get the diagnosis that you were given by your medical doctor and bring it to your local chiropractor so that he may work with that doctor and report results back so that the doctor knows where to refer these kinds of patients instead of just giving pain meds.

      Then get a full exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan with goals by that chiropractor so that they can see what exactly is going on and give you an idea about how to treat it.

      Then get educated by that chiropractor so that you understand what is going on in your body and what you can do about it. Do not leave with questions. Ask them. Come to an understanding that you can accept. Your health is your responsibility, and we can’t do any more than symptomatic relief if you aren’t willing to take care of yourself also.

      Then do the stretches, exercises, or other home care that he gives and follow your treatment plan through to the end so that your body comes out of this stronger and better able to cope with future accidents that may happen.


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