Dr Duncan Treats Dino

Dr Duncan Treats Dino

I took my family to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point (that’s in Lehi, Utah).  While looking at all of the dinosaurs I thought to myself wow a chiropractor would have his work cut out for him trying to adjust those spines.  Some of them had vertebrae that were as big as me.  I couldn’t  help myself I wanted to get a picture of me adjusting a T-Rex, but that was just not feasible.  The only one that had his head low enough for a treatment was the Stegosaurus.  So that’s me, Dr. Duncan Chiropractor to the Dinosaurs.

Now this topic could lead me into a discussion about veterinary chiropractic, but I just won’t go there.  Unless someone has a question on the topic I keep my focus on people.  I know animals have spines too, but I have enough to do treating people, and the occasional dinosaur.


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