Celebrate Your Independence

Independence Day means something only if we make it mean something. (I actually prefer to use that name for it instead of the 4th of July.) If we choose not to remember, and not to do anything with the freedoms that we have they will be taken away. There are people in the world who don’t want us to be free. The best way to stay free is to use freedom, love it, live it. Watch fireworks and remember. Eat BBQ and teach your children why we are able to do just that. Enjoy each other. I wish you all the happiest and healthiest Independence Day ever.

We have soldiers who love freedom, and are fighting for it. We can remember our freedoms by remembering our soldiers. We can also remember by being active in our communities and in our government. Right now the chiropractic profession is trying to use that freedom and trying to give something back to our soldiers at the same time.

There are currently three bills before congress that chiropractors are trying to advance. The first two are HCR 294 and SCR 75. These bills express the desire of congress that the Department of Defense (DoD) commission chiropractors in the military so that all of our soldiers may benefit from our care, not just those here stateside. The other bill is HR 5658. This has already passed the House and is soon to be debated in the Senate. This is the 2009 DoD funding bill. The House put in a section funding the placement of chiropractors at all military treatment facilities. So that all of our troops would be able to receive the best treatment options for the number one injury to our soldiers, musculoskeletal conditions. This will not commission chiropractors, but it will at least provide their services to those soldiers who need it the most.

You can celebrate your independence by being a part of this effort. Click here to help, and Happy Independence Day.


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