What is the Difference Between Medical Doctors and Chiropractors?

From the perspective of a chiropractor.

Our core training is very similar.  In training chiropractors and medical doctors split after anatomy.  Medical doctors study the effects of chemicals and surgery on anatomy and physiology, whereas chiropractors study how to aid the natural function of anatomy and physiology. Chiropractors tend to feel that the body heals it’s self with our help.  The opposite view would be that the things/medications that we do to the body heal it.  (I’d need any medical doctor reading this to give his side a little better.  It’s always best to go to the source.)

If something is chemically dysfunctional such as in diabetes and bacterial infection, or requires surgery such as an appendicitis or severed limb then you would want to seek out a medical doctor or surgeon.  If you are experiencing biomechanical dysfunction like a sprained or painful joint, or neurological pain or dysfunction such as a “pinched”/irritated nerve or radiculopathy, find a chiropractor.  Both have vastly different approaches, but there are many times when the two professions should work together.  They are complimentary not exclusive.  I’ll address how they work together tomorrow.

This concludes the questions I’ve gotten so far.  If you have more feel free to ask.


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