The American Chirorpractic Association

I have recently been investigating the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) website. It may not be the most user friendly (it’s pretty good), but there is excellent information for doctors and for patients. With so much misinformation and undocumented opinion flying around the internet it is nice to have a credible source for information. Chiropractic as a profession has been slow to become internet savvy and It’s nice to see the largest professional organization leading the way. Let me show you some of the really great things that I’ve found there.

Their Find a Doctor tool will help you locate a registered chiropractor in your area. This is great advertising for me, and a handy tool for patients looking for an office to go to. Look me up I’m on there. Just try, Duncan, in Provo, Utah.

You’ve seen those pamphlets in your doctor’s office, one for each ailment, jammed full of information. The ACA has these all online. From carpal tunnel syndrome to pregnacy, to how to talk to your child about drug abuse. This is a great place for patients to go when they have questions and a great patient education tool for doctors. You can legally print these out, for free, to give to patients or just direct them to the site so they can look for themselves.

They have an extensive amount of current research on chiropractic. I write a lot, and am very active in promoting chiropractic, so I have to stay up with all of the new research. Not to mention the benefits I bring to my patients by being up on all the latest treatments. They have a public version without all of the confusing jargon, they also have a section for professionals, and if you dig deep enough into the site you can find the raw data for many studies as well as published articles. (You may not be able to get into that last link without a membership.)

They have an advocacy section, for people like me who want to get involved. There are practice building sections, for doctors who have practice related,or billing questions. There is weeks worth of reading on their site. I encourage you to take some time to find what the site can offer to you.


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