I’m Stalling a Bit

Just to let you know I will get to your questions.   I’ll tell you why I’m stalling.  Some questions are just hard to write an answer for.  Some require far too much information for a small post, or they’re better just experienced rather than read about.  To give you a preview here are the last few questions that I have yet to answer:

What should I expect at a chiropractic visit?

Is Chiropractic Really Scientific?

What is the Difference Between Medical Doctors and Doctors of Chiropractic?

If you’d like to comment on them perhaps we can answer them together.  In the mean time I’ll try to come up with a good way to answer them, and I’ll keep posting new topics as they come up.  So, please you tell me your experiences with chiropractic in general or these questions in specific.


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