Babies, Babies, Babies

Jacqueline Clarke

Image by: Jacqueline Clarke

I believe that I have posted before about women coming in wanting a “chiropractic induction” to get labor going (see post here, and here). Here’s an announcement I got today:

Dr. Duncan,
Another success story for you! Matt and I left your office yesterday at 5:30 and I almost immediately started into some painful contractions. We were in the hospital by 8:30 (at 6 cm), and we had a baby by 2:30 this morning! No induction needed! Thanks so much for all your help – it was great to not have to worry about back and rib pain in labor! I will come in for another adjustment before we move to Texas next month and I’ll be sure to bring in either the baby or pictures of her to add to your success story pile!
Thanks again,
Congratulations Kimberly and Matt, on your new baby girl. The picture is not of their baby. I may swap it when I get one from them. Perhaps someday I’ll dedicate a page on here to new babies and their moms photos.

2 thoughts on “Babies, Babies, Babies

  1. cmnacnud Post author

    My wife has had chiropractic and massage through out each of her 3 pregnancies. They have all been short labors, and complication free. I’ve always wanted to for the sake of experiment see what would happen if I didn’t treat her. I never would of course, but I’d be interested to know what her pregnancies and deliveries would be like without chiropractic care. I’ve read all the research but it’s different to experience it your self.


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