Is Chiropractic Safe?

This is a controversial question, though I’m not sure why. The short answer is, yes, it is safe. The easiest way to tell is to look at malpractice insurance premiums. Insurance companies don’t mess with risk. They charge an arm and a leg if they think you are a risk. Can anyone say preexisting condition? The average premiums for different professions will tell you who has risk of problems, and does not. Here let me show you some numbers (source):

Approximate Malpractice Insurance Premiums

General Surgeon
Internal Medicine
Family Practice

In fact through out many studies proper chiropractic treatment has not been shown to cause anything more than short term soreness at the site of treatment.

Now here’s where it gets controversial. And people may say, wait a minute studies have shown more than that. It’s true there have been rare serious problems seen after chiropractic treatments. The problem is that they are so rare that research has not been able to prove a causal link to chiropractic, or to rule it out. In fact the most recent and complete study showed that the biggest risk is no greater visiting a chiropractor than visiting a medical doctor (second source). These problems are so rare that it is nearly impossible to prove one way or the other.The big one that you’ll hear about is stroke, and the risk is estimated (due to lack of concrete evidence) to be somewhere between 1 in a million to 1 in 5 million. You can see how difficult it would be to do a study with 1 million chiropractic neck pain patients, let alone 5 million. In contrast, the mechanism of treatment seems like it could cause stroke in a predisposed patient, because in those predisposed people, simply turning your head to look at something could cause a stroke. Unfortunately there are no known tests to determine if a patient is at risk.

OK, so let’s put them out there. The possible risks of chiropractic treatment include, bruising, muscle strain, undefined soreness, headache, bone fracture, stroke. Now let’s put them in perspective. You are at least 5 times more likely to be killed by a freak asteroid falling on you than you are to have a stroke after seeing a chiropractor. Now how many people do you know that have been hit by asteroids? Bone fracture is another one of those rare things, and again will probably only happen when someone is predisposed. A person with osteoporosis, or suspected to possibly have osteoporosis, should not be adjusted with a full force method. This is why I usually leave this side effect out of the list when talking about proper chiropractic treatment. As for the headaches, soreness, and bruising, this kind of stuff will usually occur when a patient is unable to relax and the doctor uses a lot of force to get by that problem. It can occur in probably 30% of patients, because sometimes it is necessary to get the joint moving even knowing that the patient is unable to relax. This is something that should be discussed with the patient, and normally the soreness is less than 24 hours.

The last thing that I will say is that you should always bring negative effects to the attention of your chiropractor. Even if they are not caused by the doctor himself he should be aware of them, so that if they are serious he can take care of them or get you to an ER if needed. Some of the serious things to report are; intense pain, dizziness, vertigo, slurring of speech, vision changes, weakness, tingling, or numbness. They may be nothing, but you should let your doctor determine that.


29 thoughts on “Is Chiropractic Safe?

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  2. Scared Chiropractic Patient

    I was experiencing a muscle soreness and fatigue in my neck, upper back and shoulders. I was also beginning to feel like every time I turned around something was popping or locking up and I’m only 26. Going to a chiropractor for relief was pretty intrinsic. I went and had an adjustment for the first time since I was around 8 years old. That knuckle crunching sound from people popping their joints freaks me out so hearing my joints crack like a bowl full of Rice Krispy Treats was unnerving. Last night and today, I’m very sore and a little scared. I feel like I don’t want to move too much because I may cause permanent damage. I’m sore all over, even in joints that didn’t pain me before. I slept on ice packs last night. Today I just want to cry because the soreness and fear of popping something out of place is beyond frustrating. I took 2 Aleve and I feel as screwed up as I did this morning. The chiropractor I visited got rave reviews and I know patients who love him so I’m not inclined to say he did something wrong. I will say that I have another appointment in less than a week and I’m not so sure I want to go back if I’m going to feel like this. Is this level of soreness common or am I just being a baby? I’m usually a tough egg but the combination of the soreness and the fear of doing permanent damage have put me on red alert. Growing up, I was always told that popping your joints wasn’t good for you so is popping every joint in your body really safe?

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      First off if you feel that badly after an adjustment you need to contact the doctor and let him know. I’d relate it to that label on your soap that says, “if you experience any adverse reactions discontinue use and contact your doctor.” Any time you have an adverse reaction to a treatment your provider needs to know so that they can alter their care and provide what relief they can for the negative side effects. You should not wait even if you think they are normal, contact the chiropractor.

      With that out of the way let me give you my view based upon your description. You said that you went into the treatment a little nervous, and already a little sore. Both of these things can cause muscle tightness. I am a massage therapist as well as a chiropractor and so I do a lot of muscle work in addition to adjustments. When adjusting through tight muscles you can cause muscles to strain in order to reach the joints end range. This can cause muscle soreness. That’s why I avoid doing it when ever possible by relaxing the muscles first. However sometimes it needs to be done to achieve your treatment goals. I will explain the risk if it is needed to my patient before doing the treatment, and ask their consent. That kind of increased pain is usually gone in 1-3 days and is considered to be rare, but within normal limits for chiropractic treatment. You have not described any symptoms that would put me on “red alert.”

      I’m not intending to offend you, but every patient tells me that they have a high tolerance of pain, are a “tough egg” but pain comes in different kinds and is different for everyone. Don’t be afraid to admit that something hurts or makes you uncomfortable, especially to your doctor. We need to know that kind of thing. Keeping it to yourself only hurts your treatment. You’re description of the pain as soreness leads me to think that it is just muscle strain, but could be something worse. Keep your appointment with the doctor, but don’t let him do anything that you are uncomfortable with. If you are apprehensive express that. He should be able to explain things in a way that makes enough sense that you are able to overcome your fears. If he can’t then ask for a referral to someone who can explain what is going on. Chances are you’ll feel a little better just by talking to him.

      I’m not sure who “always told” you that popping your joints was bad, but I’d consider their training before just accepting an old wives tale. I’ve written a post about it that you can read here. If this chiropractor was popping every joint in your body however I would confront him and ask him what diagnosis each adjustment was for, as he should not be adjusting joints without reason, and I find it hard to believe that there is any clinical justification for adjusting your knee for a sore neck and shoulder, though it is possible.

      To summarize, your soreness is probably normal, but you should consult the chiropractor who treated you about it, and yes “popping” your joints is really safe when done properly.

  3. JS

    I’ve been under chiropractic care for 3 1/2 weeks now. I did not have any major health problem before. I saw my chiropractor to get a better posture and help my mid-back muscles to relax a little bit. They were tense.

    After my 3rd treatment I woke up the next day with some numbness on the right side of the face. My vision in my right eye was a little blurry. I went to my chiro and he did some neck and back manipulation again. The numbness disappear is the next couple hours. However, after 3 weeks, my right eye is still acting weird. Some time, I can feel pressure inside my eye, my vision is sometime blurry especially in the lower-right corner, my upper eyelid is twitching and and have a lots of tears coming from the same eye. All these symptoms are temporary and last for about 1-2 hours then go away and then come back a little bit later. I never had any problems with my vision before. No glasses, no contact lenses, perfect vision.

    My chiropractor his telling me that this is normal, my body is adjusting. It’s been 3 weeks and I haven’t see any improvement. A medical doctor told me that it could be a pinch nerve.

    Is it really normal ? Should I continue my treatment ? What do you suggest ?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      Thank you for your question. The basic answer is no, it’s not “normal.” I do not have access to your records and have not done an exam, so cannot comment specifically. Postural correction should involve muscle retraining, exercises, and stretching along with chiropractic.
      At first glance I don’t see a correlation between the symptoms you speak of and chiropractic manipulation. Generally speaking Chiropractic manipulations do not affect the eyes, though I’ve heard of and seen weirder things. The possibility of stroke is the only thing that I can think of off the top of my head that might directly affect vision, but the fact that your symptoms come and go point away from stroke. If the vision is just blurry and it’s only occasional and combined with your watering eyes then you may have a dryness issue, or a problem with the gland or tear duct or something. The lacrimal gland, muscles of the eye and vision are controlled by nerve roots that don’t leave the skull and wouldn’t directly be affected by manipulation, again, indirect oddities are always possible. The facial numbness is more possibly affected by manipulation or a “pinched” nerve, and if that went away with manipulation then it wouldn’t concern me as much. You said that you got the opinion of an MD, who I presume also examined you. If he did not find the eye concerning then I’d contact an eye specialist.

      I would recommend continuing with the chiropractic to encourage the life changes you wanted, but only after you get an appointment and explain the eye symptoms to an eye specialist, of your choice.

  4. Hugi

    It is interesting what JS says as I have somewhat similar symptoms. I went to a chiropractor for better posture. I never had any problems with my neck, sleeping on my stomach with no pillow and daily exercises meant that I could easily move and twist and turn my neck. He did wonders to my back and lower back but would always adjust my neck too, saying it was necessary. Then I couldn’t go for three weeks and the next time I went, which was two weeks and two days ago, he did a rather abrubt movement of my neck to both sides after which I immediately felt that my muscles in my neck became like one big ‘knot’ with a very weird feeling at that part where the skull meets the vertebral coloumn. It started hurting and I could hardly move my neck, so much so that I could not even sleep because of the pain. I also felt that my vision (which has just been checked and everything was fine with my eyesight) my vision started blurring sometimes, but I just thought it was because of the pain. When I called my chiropractor he told me to use hot water bottle and creams to loose up the muscles, but when for two weeks it has been going on he told me to go back which I did and he did some neck adjustments after which this problem with my vision was gone, most of the pain also, what remained was that when I’d lie on my stomach to sleep it felt as if my skull/first vertebrae would be pushing against each other, some weird discomfort I felt. This was this Tuesday. Then yesterday I was scheduled to see my chiropractor again, who asked me how I was and I told him much better, so he again did some neck manipulation though I pleaded him not to (actually into one direction he couldn’t even move my neck as I could not relax and he could not push it no matter how much force he used), and now not only does my neck hurt again, my movement limited, but this vision-problem has come back in a much more serious fashion. I’m not even sure if I would say it’s a vision problem even though it causes blurring vision, rather, I since yesterday evening have this feeling in my eyes, in my whole head as if I were constantly doing a headstand, or when a plane takes off and one has this pressure feeling in the head and especially in the eyes, but much stronger. I think the headstand simile describes it much better. Now I won’t be able to visit my chiropractor for two weeks or so as I will be travelling, but I also fear permanent damage.I would really appreciate your feedback on this and what I would be doing to make it better.

  5. cmnacnud Post author

    Your symptoms sound very similar to prior posters. I am unable to diagnose over the internet, but my prior advice would still apply. You should not have to “plead” with your chiropractor not to adjust you. If you say no. It means no. To treat a patient without consent is assault. Remember it’s your body and you have to live with the consequences so become as educated as you can. If your chiropractor cannot explain things in a way that you can accept then you need to find a new one.

    Pain can cause eyes to water and blur in that manner. If his treatment is both relieving the symptoms and then causing them then discuss the option of only doing the part that relieves the symptoms then if he is still convinced that you require the other then discuss with him the possibility of low force techniques or other ways to get the same effect. Alternative treatments are great when your body doesn’t react as your doctor would expect. Good luck.

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been on the road moving to Florida for the last 2 weeks.

  6. Hugi

    Dear Cmnacnud,

    Thank you so much for your informative and extremely useful reply! I will keep you updated what happens. (Also, please excuse me for my late thank you, I was moving myself 🙂 )

    Again many thanks and all the best,


  7. Manish

    I have been undergoing chiropractic treatment for 4 weeks and my symptoms are very similar to what JS and Hugi described above. In fact I am getting very scared. I was perfectly ok, but now I have a twitching left eye, heaviness, dizziness and a parched throat on a continuous basis. Did anyone else complain of parched throat?

    My chiro has been on a !0 day vacation and i am eagerly awaiting his return. Am just not sure what to do next.

    1. cmnacnud Post author


      Since your symptoms are similar my advice will also be similar. Generally speaking cranial nerves are not affected by chiropractic manipulation, and all but the heaviness are likely cranial nerve related and usually mild in nature. There are always exceptions, but if you are having neurological symptoms and neck or head pain that brought you to a chiropractor then it is possible that the symptoms are related. When you come in with neck pain it’s always important to do your best to rule out the big scary causes. When people think of neck or back pain they often think of a chiropractor, however some neck or back pain cannot benefit from chiropractic for example if you have an aneurysm some of the first symptoms might be a stiff neck and a headache. A chiropractor should be able to identify many of these problems and refer you to the appropriate location (like the emergency room). Even if they can’t identify it, if there are odd neurological symptoms they should be suspicious at least and give you their recommendations.

      When I have a patient with symptoms that are not quite an emergency, but not quite common I will do a trial of care where I treat them for 2 weeks and monitor their response and then if they are not responding after 2 weeks or they get worse I will refer them for additional testing, like blood work, CT scan or what ever I feel they need. If you are still having problems or your symptoms have gotten worse I recommend discussing it with your chiropractor and if they cannot give you enough information to satisfy your concern then seek another opinion.

      Usually when a doctor goes away for an extended period they will arrange for alternate care of their patients, either another doc in town or a someone who they pay to come in and cover for them. If he is not available and you are concerned go see someone else. Physical exams cannot be done online so I recommend asking around for a good alternative locally. The point overall is that you need to be satisfied with the answers that you are getting. If you aren’t then ask more questions or talk to someone else.

  8. Manish

    Thank you for your response.

    I went to see my chiropractor today. He did a complete check-up and conclusion is that possibly i have bell’s palsy. He was going to great extent to justify that possibly there is no connection with chiropractic treatment that we have undergone, but i am fully convinced that the discomfort I started feeling was after our third sitting and I had shared the same with him on the fourth sitting.I had gone to the chiro as I had some lower back stiffness and he had suggested taking the 6 session general wellness program. I was always skeptical of adjustments to my body – specially at the neck area as I have never had any pain or any other symptoms. I have been reading all evening about bell’s palsy and see a big connection with it to chiropractic medicine. When chiropractic treatment can cure it, can it not cause it too? After all it’s all to do with nerves and a wrong jerk could have aggravated the nerves? I am extremely worried but I have not been able to find an answer on any of the sites.
    My chiropractor called me on sometime back and mentioned that he discussed my case with another doctor, and they think that possibly I had an existing infection that got aggravated by the chiropractic treatment that we were undergoing. I never felt like any infection on the face anytime before.

    I am also curious to know what finally happened with Hugi and JS

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      I would not have guessed Bell’s Palsy with the symptoms that you listed, and it’s definately not a classic case. I do not have access to your exam and so will have to rely on the diagnosis provided. Bell’s Palsy is poorly understood. Currently there are only ideas about what causes it, and no real answers. Infection is one of the suspected causes of this condition and you wouldn’t really feel it on your face as the location of the problem is actually a hole in your skull near your ear that the nerve comes out. Something (in this scenario infection) causes the nerve to enlarge/swell and not fit in that hole anymore.
      As for chiropractic either treating it or causing it; the goal of treatment is usually just management or rehab. Because the cause is unknown we just try to manage the result. If you do have a mild case of Bell’s Palsy then you would want to focus on maintaining as much function as possible.
      I don’t know how a manipulation would cause Bell’s Palsy as the facial nerve does not pass through the spine. It does pass near C1 and out by the TMJ where inflammation from a sprain or strain might reproduce some of the symptoms. As far as curing it I have not seen any evidence that chiropractic care overall can do any more than manage symptoms or assist in the recovery.
      The good news is that most cases of Bell’s Palsy resolve spontaneously on their own. A chiropractor should be able to manage it as well as any provider, in combination with an ophthalmologist if eye symptoms develop.
      It would be nice to hear the result of some of the posters on here. I often do not know their end result unless they are my patient.

  9. Manish

    Thank you again for the continuous response.

    I will like to keep you and others updated on the development so that the diagnosis can benefit others, and I may also learn from your inputs.

    Yesterday, I had an appointment with another doctor who works in the same clinic and is a general health practitioner, and whom my chiropractor had also consulted. He mentioned that my symptoms were very classic bells palsy (only one side affected, twitching in left eye, tearing, drooping left lip, left side swollen face, dry throat). He also did some physical tests asking me to frown, move my eyelids, etc and concluded that it does not look like a pinched nerve. He is absolutely sure it is bells palsy and wants me to wait for 2-3 days more as in his experience almost all cases resolve spontaneously between 2-max 4 weeks. I have just completed three weeks. I agreed to wait as I have been feeling some improvement for last 2 days. The eye twitching is less, tearing has been reduced, speech slur has not increased and so on. Another thing he mentioned is just like the symptoms come in stages, it also cures in stages – its progressive.

    He also explained to me that facial nerves do not pass through spine, and that bells palsy is mostly caused by infection. But studies have not really concluded how an infection can be triggered – and that he has come across cases where the infection seems to have been triggered by say an overexposure of one side of the face to wind, or even a jerky mountain ride.

    I am just waiting and hoping that things clear up in next 2-3 days. If not, he has suggested some nerve examinations. Will keep everyone posted

  10. newpatient

    I have pain in my shoulders, back and legs, and so went to a chiropractor. My first two treatments were okay, but after my third treatment, I felt like I had some weird side effects. For one, I started having a congested ear, and second, I could not run fast or jump, because I would feel a force down my spine — it seems that it had become supersensitive. It’s been more than 24 hours already, and I still have the same problems. Are they normal side effects, and should I expect them to gradually subside? Also, I am a little sore at the neck. Should I wait for the soreness to disappear before having my next session? Thank you in advance.

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      A sore neck is common and nothing to worry about. The other things seem very hard symptoms to quantify and might be described differently by another patient. The way you describe them they are not typical side effects that I am familiar with. I can say one thing though. When ever you have adverse side effects you should always tell your doctor as soon as you recognize them. He will be the person who knows your case and will be the best to determine what is worrisome and what is not.

  11. seattle chiropractor

    America’s healthcare-system-induced deaths are the third leading cause of the death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer.According to several research studies in the last decade, a total of 225,000 Americans per year have died as a result of their medical treatments:
    • 12,000 deaths per year due to unnecessary surgery
    • 7000 deaths per year due to medication errors in hospitals
    • 20,000 deaths per year due to other errors in hospitals
    • 80,000 deaths per year due to infections in hospitals
    • 106,000 deaths per year due to negative effects of drugs

    Fortunately there are natural alternatives that are safe, and without the life-threatening side effects. First among these is Chiropractic, the largest drug-free, natural healing profession in the United States.

  12. Hugi

    Dear Cmnacnud,

    Once more thank you for your reply when I asked you over a year ago when I got scared after I got blurred vision and a VERY stiff neck after a neck-adjustment. So, what happened afterwards was that I still had that stiff neck even a month later so went to one of the nation’s top orthopaedic surgeons (a good friend of my cousin) who examined me, and even without taking a look at my x-rays, just by the symptoms his first question was: have you been to a chiropractor? My Mum being there I did not want to worry her so opted not to answer his question, neither did I tell him that a few minutes after the abrupt movement I felt as if something warm was running down my neck inside, but he went on that I have the classical case he sees with people who went to chiropractors, and actually that he experienced himself when out of curiosity he visited a chiropractor. When checking my x-rays he said that he could not see anything else on my neck than a very stiff neck and that it should go away with time and prescribed me some pain-killers. The pain eventually subsided, the movement returned fully to my neck, however what has left is that my neck often ‘clicks’, and that I still have that feeling as if my head sank into my neck. However, with this latter one I try to comfort myself that maybe it just got back to the position where it should be…
    The orthopaedic professor also told me, what you told me, that NEVER ever let a chiropractor do things one does not want them to do, moreover, it is best if they only do gentle movements when it comes to one’s neck. When I asked my chiropractor to do it so, he said it is impossible and abrubt movements are necessary, so I have not been to a chiropractor since–but would if I found a really good one relatively close by, but again, let me stresss, I would never again let him/her do any abrubt movement, on any parts of mine. I still feel that chiropractors can do wonders, just one must be very cautious, them and us patients as well.
    (Btw, fyi, please let me say that the x-ray came back showing normal vertebrae and discs, only that they were in a forced position, which is no wonder with a stiff neck.)
    Have a lovely, blessed Holiday Season and a wonderful, successful, joyous New Year!

  13. Michelle M

    I visited my chiropractor (whom I’ve seen for years) last Thursday. I had a pulled muscle 5-6 months ago which seemed to settle in my lower back, right hip, and sciatic nerve. After x-rays confirmed the source of my pain (“holes” in each hip different sizes, misaligned vertabrae) I was adjusted. Most everything moved beautifully, and I felt almost an immediate relief from pressure. My lower back does still hurt, though not nearly as much. My question is this: I noticed on Friday afternoon a large bruise on the back of my right leg, just below the knee. It looks like a broken blood vessel, but the bruising looks like it follows the vein across the top of the calf (Shaped like this –J). Some bruising also inside the bend of the knee. Could this have been due to my adjustment? I was concerned at first, but have had no other symptoms accompanying the bruise. It has begun to fade quickly. I did not call my chiropractor, as I did not consider a correlation until someone else mentioned it.

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      As far as the shape goes I can’t comment without more detailed exam findings, but bruising is a possibility any time pressure is placed on your body. Some people bruise really easily. I’m not saying that chiropractic manipulation was the cause or even likely the cause of your bruise, but bruising is a possible side effect of chiropractic manipulation. If there are no further symptoms and it is likely just a common bruise. If you have further questions, always contact your chiropractor with symptoms that arise from treatments.

      1. Joe

        I had a labral tear in my right hip june 2011. I went to a chiro the end of September he saw I had lumbar scoliosis and si joint dysfunction he addressed both issues w a twisting motion that popped the si joint and moved the pelvis with the device on his table after the second visit I had pain from the pelvis to the hip joint and when I stretch knee to chest I get a pop in my groin and right lower back when I put the leg down

      2. Joe

        So the labral tear had been repaired in june n had no pain in that joint at the time I visited the chiro I proceeded to get laser therapy which kept the back joint in place but im still having the pop on the groin and causes pain to my inner thigh im extremely worried about the pain being it wasn’t there before the pop is inner groin and I told my surgeon about it and he didn’t think it was the hip he also told me to.continue pt which I had gotten to a point that it was too painful..

      3. Joe

        I would greatly appreciate any feedback as what I should do this has kept me out of work and im wondering if permanent damage was caused I wasn’t limping when I first went to him and now am. Thank you

      4. cmnacnud Post author

        Joe, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this pain. In answer to your questions, it is unlikely that permanent damage was done with the rotational adjustment that you described. The force and vectors used with chiropractic manipulation can cause some soft tissue damage, but it is usually minor and quick to resolve. Your’s has obviously not been quick to resolve and is enough that it is concerning you.
        You mentioned getting “laser therapy” so I assume that you went back to the chiropractor. That is good, as it gives him a chance to help you understand what may have happened. He did not explain it to your satisfaction or you would not be asking me. Popping in the groin is typically the pubic symphasis as it is the only joint in the area, but where the pop is coming from can sometimes be mistaken and may be from something else. Also pain referral patterns to the groin can also be caused by the upper lumbar spine.
        I tend to agree with your surgeon and feel it is highly unlikely to be your hip, but recommend that you return to finish your Physical Therapy. In doing so you may actually strengthen the area and find that the groin pain resolves as your exercises stabalize the pelvis.
        So in short. I can’t diagnose or treat over the internet. The injury is not likely to be permanent. I recommend you return to PT and have your chiropractor consult with your PT so that they can work together to resolve this injury. Good luck.

  14. scott

    Hi ….
    I went to the chiro recomended to me by a friend. I had neck pain which was causing tricep pain and muscle cramping behind the shoulder blade.
    After my first sessio the pain subsided …. i was very happy. I went to see him again as part of a osture correction plan.
    After a neck adjustment i immediatley felt dizzy and light headed. He said it was probably due to some dehydration and low blood sugar …. i hadnt eaten for 12 hours and drank only 3 coffees and a glass of water.
    For the next 5 days i have felt dizzy and lightheaded. Sometimes a mild headache moves around my head … localised pain. Face numbness in random patches and exhaustion. Its the weekend now a d day 5 since my situation yet i continue to feel these symptoms.

    Is this normal and should i be concerned ?

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      All of the symptoms that you have described are common enough mild complications that can occur sometimes after an adjustment, but they don’t usually all happen together, and they usually resolve within a few hours or days. If you are still having symptoms contact the chiropractor and let them know. They may be able to resolve the symptoms with another adjustment, or they may refer you for additional testing or treatment with another provider. Good luck. I hope that they have resolved by now.

  15. Melodie

    I had a stiff neck where I could not turn it to the left. There was swelling in my neck. The chiropractor adjusted it yesterday and I have a much better range of motion in my neck today, however, when I woke up my left eye was swollen. Is it possible that the drainage from the swelling in my neck is making my eye swollen on the left since I sleep on my left side?

    1. cmnacnud Post author

      Melodie, I’m glad that you had success with your initial chiropractic treatment. Swelling doesn’t typically move in a way that would allow it to move from the neck to the eye especially while you sleep with your head above your neck on a pillow. I would require more information to come to any conclusion about your eye swelling, but I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it was from the neck. See the same chiropractor since you had success with him, and let him know of the change in your symptoms. He will be in a better position to diagnose.


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