I’m Not Complaining

Remember how I did a follow up saying that link baiting doesn’t work, well apparently I was wrong. This blog has been getting more and more hits everyday, it’s growing in popularity very fast.  The culprit seems to be my original link baiting post. The number one search term leading people to my site is oddly enough, Britney Spears.  (Hey everyone, this is a Chiropractic site.) It’s getting over 40 hits a day all by it’s self. The success does seem to spill over into my other posts, as their numbers are going up as well.  I guess once people get here they look around a little.

This is odd, because I thought this was over, and the question settled weeks ago. Apparently it hadn’t hit the search engines yet. So, I still think it’s tacky and not the best way to get the best searchers, but it has done it’s job. I don’t think I’ll use it in the future, but I thought I’d give you a quick update.


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