Back To The Questions: Does It Hurt To Get Adjusted?

Not usually. For some people it can be uncomfortable. There are also some people who don’t like getting massage. The majority of patients report that the actual adjustment to feels good. Chiropractic in general has the highest satisfaction rating in healthcare.

I actually have patients who come to me because they say other chiropractors are too rough. Chiropractic is different than medicine, in that the medicine still works no matter which MD you see. With chiropractic the treatment depends on the hands giving it, and because every body is different your body will respond differently to different hands. You would probably benefit from any chiropractor, but finding the one doctor for you is going to give you a better treatment. In my office I practice under the theory that the more specific you can be the less force you will need to use. I also feel that the body wants to function properly. I find that if I can pinpoint the pain generator and isolate it then it will usually fall back into place with very minimal intervention.

I often get comments that my adjustments are more comfortable than most. I think it’s just turning a weakness into a strength, because I don’t like forceful adjustments on myself. I have learned to make them effective without a lot of force. If you’re in Utah, come try me out. My contact info is on my website

So, the answer is that chiropractic adjustments don’t usually hurt, and with the right practitioner they hurt even less often. There is always the possibility of negative side effects which is usually a little soreness in the area, but that is a topic for my next question. Come back to see that post…


1 thought on “Back To The Questions: Does It Hurt To Get Adjusted?

  1. maedayael

    I believe it is the sound that people are more attuned to which ‘heightens” the level of “pain” they think they feel. Like in a dentist office, the sound of the drill is more overpowering then the actual “work” the drill does.


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