What’s My Opinion Regarding Adjusting Tools

The full question was: What is your opinion about chiropractic treatment using an “activator” as an instrument?  If you have a question you want answered just leave a comment.

There are a couple tools out there that chiropractors use to assist in adjusting. Probably the most well known are the activator, and the pro-adjuster. When it comes to different treatment types my usual response is, “If wearing a blue hat cures you of cancer, by all means wear the blue hat.” If they get good results and don’t cause harm, then I’m not going to write them off. I’m not ready to embrace them without evidence though.

With that said, I have very little experience using a pro-adjuster or the activator. I use an activator with certain patients more at risk for fracture, and it seems to do the job. I’ve handled a pro-adjuster and seen them used, but haven’t followed a full course of treatment with them. There are few good studies out there on these tools, and those that are out there are usually biased. I have seen patients have positive results with both of these tools. As far as a tools go I don’t have any problem with others using them.

As with most of these “tools” though there is usually a technique or protocol that goes with them. I don’t like a doctor being restricted like a computer program. Every body and every case is different, and there is something more to healing than algorithms. This has been shown time and time again. I’m not against technology. I don’t think any one program or technique has all of the answers though. If it did no one would do anything else. Beyond that, I know there is “something” more to healing that is not taught. What ever “that” is is what it takes to be a good doctor.

I have an additional problem with tools, even though I use them occasionally. I am also a licensed massage therapist, and have always been able to feel things with my hands. Tools seem to get in the way of that perception. I’m sure if I were to use something often enough it could become like an extension of me, but I prefer the real human connection.


2 thoughts on “What’s My Opinion Regarding Adjusting Tools

  1. Betsy Gordon

    Hi —

    Thanks for this very interesting viewpoint on using tools in chiropractic. As a patient, I’ve had some experience with the pro-adjuster, and really liked both the feeling and the result. One thing I especially like is the way it diagnoses misalignments, and then shows them on a laptop screen in a very accessible, easy-to-understand diagram. This gave me a feeling of being able to see and appreciate what was “out of whack” in my spine, not just hear about it from my DC. But in the long run, I agree with you that there is no substitute for “the real human connection” of the hands.




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